Re: [PATCH 0/8] USB Audio Gadget part 2: Feedback endpoint, Volume/Mute support

From: Greg Kroah-Hartman
Date: Tue Mar 23 2021 - 07:57:44 EST

On Mon, Mar 01, 2021 at 03:05:35PM +0200, Ruslan Bilovol wrote:
> This is extendend version of "UAC2 Feedback endpoint" patch set
> I've sent back in 2020 [1]. It is extended with
> bi-directional Volume/Mute controls support for both UAC1
> and UAC2 gadgets.
> It fixes issues with enumeration in various operation systems
> because of Feedback endpoint implementation, yet also adds
> new Volume/Mute support which allows developers to control
> UAC1/2 Gadget's Volume/Mute from the Host and in the same way
> UAC1/2 Gadget can control Volume/Mute of the Host making it
> closer to a real USB Audio card.
> This patch set should be applied on top of USB Audio Gadget
> part 1 fixes/improvements that I've sent previously to the
> mailing list [2]

This series did not apply to my tree (except for the first patch). Can
you rebase it on my usb-testing branch and resend?


greg k-h