[PATCH RFC 0/2] x86/PCI: SiS PIRQ router updates

From: Maciej W. Rozycki
Date: Wed Jun 23 2021 - 19:38:59 EST


Nikolai has observed the trigger mode not being fixed up once it has been
incorrectly set by the BIOS for PCI devices, causing all kinds of usual
issues. As it turns out we don't have a PIRQ router defined for the
SiS85C497 southbridge, which Nikolai's system uses, and which is different
from the SiS85C503 southbridge we have support for.

As we use the generic `sis' infix (capitalised or not) for the SiS85C503
southbridge I have prepared this small patch series to first make the
existing SiS program entities use a more specific `sis503' infix, and then
provide a suitable PIRQ router for the SiS85C497 device.

Posted as an RFC at this stage as it still has to be verified.

Nikolai, can you please give it a hit with the extra debug patch as
requested in my other message?