kernel/sched/core.c:5190:20: warning: unused function 'sched_core_cpu_starting'

From: kernel test robot
Date: Tue Jul 20 2021 - 03:58:52 EST

Hi Peter,

FYI, the error/warning still remains.

tree: master
head: 2734d6c1b1a089fb593ef6a23d4b70903526fe0c
commit: 9edeaea1bc452372718837ed2ba775811baf1ba1 sched: Core-wide rq->lock
date: 10 weeks ago
config: mips-randconfig-r006-20210720 (attached as .config)
compiler: clang version 13.0.0 ( 87039c048c0cbc3d8cbba86187269b006bf2f373)
reproduce (this is a W=1 build):
wget -O ~/bin/make.cross
chmod +x ~/bin/make.cross
# install mips cross compiling tool for clang build
# apt-get install binutils-mips-linux-gnu
git remote add linus
git fetch --no-tags linus master
git checkout 9edeaea1bc452372718837ed2ba775811baf1ba1
# save the attached .config to linux build tree
mkdir build_dir
COMPILER_INSTALL_PATH=$HOME/0day COMPILER=clang make.cross O=build_dir ARCH=mips SHELL=/bin/bash kernel/sched/

If you fix the issue, kindly add following tag as appropriate
Reported-by: kernel test robot <lkp@xxxxxxxxx>

All warnings (new ones prefixed by >>):

kernel/sched/core.c:5467:35: warning: no previous prototype for function 'schedule_user'
asmlinkage __visible void __sched schedule_user(void)
kernel/sched/core.c:5467:22: note: declare 'static' if the function is not intended to be used outside of this translation unit
asmlinkage __visible void __sched schedule_user(void)
kernel/sched/core.c:3080:20: warning: unused function 'rq_has_pinned_tasks'
static inline bool rq_has_pinned_tasks(struct rq
kernel/sched/core.c:4941:20: warning: unused function 'sched_tick_start'
static inline void sched_tick_start(int cpu) { }
kernel/sched/core.c:4942:20: warning: unused function 'sched_tick_stop'
static inline void sched_tick_stop(int cpu) { }
>> kernel/sched/core.c:5190:20: warning: unused function 'sched_core_cpu_starting'
static inline void sched_core_cpu_starting(unsigned int cpu) {}
fatal error: error in backend: Nested variants found in inline asm string: ' .set push
.set mips64r2
.if ( 0x00 ) != -1)) 0x00 ) != -1)) : ($( static struct ftrace_branch_data __attribute__((__aligned__(4))) __attribute__((__section__("_ftrace_branch"))) __if_trace = $( .func = __func__, .file = "arch/mips/include/asm/atomic.h", .line = 153, $); 0x00 ) != -1)) : $))) ) && ( 0 ); .set push; .set mips64r2; .rept 1; sync 0x00; .endr; .set pop; .else; ; .endif
1: ll $1, $2 # atomic_fetch_add
addu $0, $1, $3
sc $0, $2
beqz $0, 1b
.set pop
move $0, $1
clang-13: error: clang frontend command failed with exit code 70 (use -v to see invocation)
clang version 13.0.0 (git://gitmirror/llvm_project 87039c048c0cbc3d8cbba86187269b006bf2f373)
Target: mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu
Thread model: posix
InstalledDir: /opt/cross/clang-87039c048c/bin
clang-13: note: diagnostic msg:
Makefile arch include kernel scripts source usr

vim +/sched_core_cpu_starting +5190 kernel/sched/core.c

> 5190 static inline void sched_core_cpu_starting(unsigned int cpu) {}

0-DAY CI Kernel Test Service, Intel Corporation

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