Re: [BUG] mmc_regulator_set_ocr can't cope with regulator-fixed

From: Mark Brown
Date: Wed Aug 04 2021 - 12:15:22 EST

On Wed, Aug 04, 2021 at 10:32:52AM -0400, Peter Geis wrote:

> Removing the vmmc phandle from the sdio node is an option, but then it
> doesn't fully describe the hardware (it's also a non-standard 4.4v).
> I had considered changing the check in dw-mmc.c [1] to continue in the
> case of -EINVAL, but there are other places in the regulator framework
> that can also return that and it doesn't address the underlying issue.

What is the underlying issue that you don't see as being fixed if the
MMC code is able to cope with not being able to read the voltage? If we
don't know what voltage the regulator has then no amount of wishful
thinking is going to give us that knowledge, if we want to proceed with
controlling the device then the MMC code is going to need to make some
decisions about what it's safe to do given the limited information it
has available to it. Otherwise there's no option other than providing
the information about the voltage.

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