Re: [PATCH v6 2/9] mtk-mdp: add driver to probe mdp components

From: Dafna Hirschfeld
Date: Mon Aug 09 2021 - 03:53:43 EST

On 09.08.21 05:23, Eizan Miyamoto wrote:
Hi Dafna,

On Thu, Aug 5, 2021 at 4:40 PM Dafna Hirschfeld
<dafna.hirschfeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
+int mtk_mdp_comp_init(struct mtk_mdp_comp *comp, struct device *dev)

This function can be static

If it's all the same to you, are you okay for me to make this change either:
- If upstream requests changes be made to this series, I will include
this suggestion
- If the series is accepted as-is, I will make a follow-up patch

This is to reduce workload on reviewers having to re-ack changes for
(what I hope you agree is) a nit.

I think you can keep the review-by tag of the reviewers since this is just a nit.
So sending a new version won't need a re-ack from the reviewers.

You can send it also as a separate patch. I don't care too much.

If you don't agree, I will happily oblige and make the change and
upload a new version of the series.

for (i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(comp->clk); i++) {
comp->clk[i] = of_clk_get(node, i);

that iteration can be replaced with clk_bulk_get

As per Enric's suggestion in response to "propagate errors from
clock_on" in this series, are you okay for me to make the change in a
follow-up patch?



Thanks again for your review,