[PATCH bpf-next v6 0/5] sockmap: add sockmap support for unix stream socket

From: Jiang Wang
Date: Mon Aug 09 2021 - 15:48:00 EST

This patch series add support for unix stream type
for sockmap. Sockmap already supports TCP, UDP,
unix dgram types. The unix stream support is similar
to unix dgram.

Also add selftests for unix stream type in sockmap tests.

Jiang Wang (5):
af_unix: add read_sock for stream socket types
af_unix: add unix_stream_proto for sockmap
selftest/bpf: add tests for sockmap with unix stream type.
selftest/bpf: change udp to inet in some function names
selftest/bpf: add new tests in sockmap for unix stream to tcp.

include/net/af_unix.h | 8 +-
net/unix/af_unix.c | 91 +++++++++++++++---
net/unix/unix_bpf.c | 93 ++++++++++++++-----
.../selftests/bpf/prog_tests/sockmap_listen.c | 48 ++++++----
4 files changed, 187 insertions(+), 53 deletions(-)

v1 -> v2 :
- Call unhash in shutdown.
- Clean up unix_create1 a bit.
- Return -ENOTCONN if socket is not connected.

v2 -> v3 :
- check for stream type in update_proto
- remove intermediate variable in __unix_stream_recvmsg
- fix compile warning in unix_stream_recvmsg

v3 -> v4 :
- remove sk_is_unix_stream, just check TCP_ESTABLISHED for UNIX sockets.
- add READ_ONCE in unix_dgram_recvmsg
- remove type check in unix_stream_bpf_update_proto

v4 -> v5 :
- add two missing READ_ONCE for sk_prot.

v5 -> v6 :
- fix READ_ONCE by reading to a local variable first.