[GIT PULL] HID for 5.15

From: Jiri Kosina
Date: Wed Sep 01 2021 - 16:16:55 EST


please pull from

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/hid/hid.git for-linus

to receive HID subsystem patches queued for 5.15. Highlights:

- Fix in i2c-hid driver for Elan touchpad quirk regression (Jim Broadus)
- Quirk preventing ASUS Claymore from accidentally suspending whole system
(Luke D. Jones)
- Updates to the existing FW reporting mechanism, MP2 FW
status checks, adding proper power management support for amd-sfh
(Basavaraj Natikar)
- Regression fix for an issue in HID core that got uncovered by recent USB
core cleanup leading to issues when transfer_buffer_length is not in
line with wLength (Alan Stern)
- Memory leak fix in USB HID core (Anirudh Rayabharam)
- Improvement of stylus battery reporting (Dmitry Torokhov)
- Power management improvement for Goodix driver (Douglas Anderson)
- High-resolution scroll support for Magicmouse devices (José Expósito)
- Support for GHLive PS4 dongles (Daniel Nguyen)
- Support proper EV_MSC emissions to hid-apple (Vincent Lefevre)

Alan Stern (2):
HID: usbhid: Fix warning caused by 0-length input reports
HID: usbhid: Simplify code in hid_submit_ctrl()

Anirudh Rayabharam (1):
HID: usbhid: free raw_report buffers in usbhid_stop

Basavaraj Natikar (5):
HID: amd_sfh: Fix period data field to enable sensor
HID: amd_sfh: Add command response to check command status
HID: amd_sfh: Move hid probe after sensor is enabled
HID: amd_sfh: Add support for PM suspend and resume
HID: amd_sfh: Add dyndbg prints for debugging

Christophe JAILLET (1):
HID: logitech-hidpp: Use 'atomic_inc_return' instead of hand-writing it

Daniel Nguyen (1):
HID: sony: support for the ghlive ps4 dongles

Dmitry Torokhov (1):
HID: input: do not report stylus battery state as "full"

Douglas Anderson (2):
HID: i2c-hid: goodix: Tie the reset line to true state of the regulator
HID: i2c-hid: goodix: Use the devm variant of regulator_register_notifier()

Evgeny Novikov (3):
HID: thrustmaster: Fix memory leaks in probe
HID: thrustmaster: Fix memory leak in remove
HID: thrustmaster: Fix memory leak in thrustmaster_interrupts()

Hamza Mahfooz (1):
HID: logitech-hidpp: battery: provide CAPACITY property for newer devices

Jason Gerecke (3):
HID: wacom: Short-circuit processing of touch when it is disabled
HID: wacom: Avoid sending empty sync events
HID: wacom: Refactor touch input mute checks into a common function

Jim Broadus (1):
HID: i2c-hid: Fix Elan touchpad regression

José Expósito (2):
HID: magicmouse: enable high-resolution scroll
HID: magicmouse: high-resolution scroll threshold

Lukas Bulwahn (1):
HID: thrustmaster: clean up Makefile and adapt quirks

Luke D. Jones (1):
HID: asus: Prevent Claymore sending suspend event

Michal Kubecek (1):
HID: usbhid: Fix flood of "control queue full" messages

Ping Cheng (1):
HID: wacom: set initial hardware touch switch state to 'off'

Salah Triki (1):
HID: elo: update the reference count of the usb device structure

Thomas Weißschuh (1):
HID: cmedia: add support for HS-100B mute button

Ulrich Spörlein (1):
HID: sony: Fix more ShanWan clone gamepads to not rumble when plugged in.

Vincent Lefevre (1):
HID: apple: Add missing scan code event for keys handled by hid-apple

drivers/hid/Kconfig | 7 +--
drivers/hid/Makefile | 1 -
drivers/hid/amd-sfh-hid/amd_sfh_client.c | 62 +++++++++++++++------
drivers/hid/amd-sfh-hid/amd_sfh_pcie.c | 69 ++++++++++++++++++++++++
drivers/hid/amd-sfh-hid/amd_sfh_pcie.h | 23 ++++++++
drivers/hid/hid-apple.c | 32 +++++++----
drivers/hid/hid-asus.c | 15 ++++++
drivers/hid/hid-cmedia.c | 90 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
drivers/hid/hid-elo.c | 6 ++-
drivers/hid/hid-ids.h | 9 ++--
drivers/hid/hid-input.c | 2 -
drivers/hid/hid-logitech-hidpp.c | 47 ++++++++++++++--
drivers/hid/hid-magicmouse.c | 52 ++++++++++++++++++
drivers/hid/hid-quirks.c | 2 -
drivers/hid/hid-sony.c | 49 ++++++++++++-----
drivers/hid/hid-thrustmaster.c | 7 ++-
drivers/hid/i2c-hid/i2c-hid-core.c | 5 +-
drivers/hid/i2c-hid/i2c-hid-of-goodix.c | 92 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----
drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c | 29 ++++++----
drivers/hid/wacom_sys.c | 9 +++-
drivers/hid/wacom_wac.c | 50 ++++++++++++-----
drivers/hid/wacom_wac.h | 2 +
22 files changed, 564 insertions(+), 96 deletions(-)

Jiri Kosina