30 years since the Linux 0.01 release

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Fri Sep 17 2021 - 16:03:20 EST

This is just a random note to let people know that today is actually
one of the core 30-year anniversary dates: 0.01 was uploaded Sept 17,

Now, that 0.01 release was never publicly announced, and I only
emailed a handful of people in private about the upload (and I don't
have old emails from those days), so there's no real record of that.
The only record of the date is in the Linux-0.01 tar-file itself, I

Alas, the dates in that tar-file are for the last modification dates,
not the actual creation of the tar-file, but it does seem to have
happened around 7:30pm (Finnish time), so the exact anniversary was
technically a couple of hours ago.

Just thought I'd mention it, since while unannounced, in many ways
this is the true 30th anniversary date of the actual code.