Re: [PATCH] media: rcar-vin: add G/S_PARM ioctls

From: Nikita Yushchenko
Date: Fri Sep 24 2021 - 09:48:35 EST

I would like to ask your use-case for this. I'm trying to make up the
courage to move Gen2 inline with Gen3, that is move Gen2 to use the
media graph interface to allow it more complex use-cases, including
controlling parameters on the subdevice level.

So I'm curious if this solve a particular problem for you or if it's
done "just" for completeness. If it solves a real problem then I think
we should move a head with a v2 (with the small comment below fixed) if
not I would like to try and reduce the non media graph usage of the API
as much as possible.

I believe parallel camera - such as ov5642 - connected to Kingfisher's parallel interface still has to be controlled over v4l operations on vin device. And, to control frame rate of such cameras [which is the usecase we have here at Cogent], the operations that this patch adds are requied.

Please use &vin->vdev instead of video_devdata(file).

Preparing v2 now.