Re: [PATCH] mm/userfaultfd: selftests: Fix memory corruption with thp enabled

From: Peter Xu
Date: Mon Sep 27 2021 - 13:39:57 EST

On Mon, Sep 27, 2021 at 10:34:06AM -0700, Axel Rasmussen wrote:
> One possibility would be to MADV_NOHUGEPAGE the regions, which at
> least would fix the immediate flakiness. Then we could spend some time
> adding a test case which specifically targets THP interactions? (I do
> think we want test coverage of that in the end, but with the current
> tests it's kind of "accidental".)

If we can't reproduce it with khugepaged yet, I'd think we can also consider
keep torturing thp with this patch and at the meantime look for a clean

Now it's only the event test failing, if we apply NOHUGEPAGE we give up thp for

Peter Xu