[PATCH 0/8] hwmon: (pmbus/lm25066) Configurable sense resistor, other cleanups

From: Zev Weiss
Date: Tue Sep 28 2021 - 05:31:03 EST


I'm working with a board that uses LM25066s with sense resistor values
significantly different than the 1mOhm assumed by the coefficients
provided in the datasheet; the power and current readings produced by
the existing driver are thus fairly inaccurate.

This patch series started out as merely adding support for a
shunt-resistor-micro-ohms DT property as found in the adm1275 driver,
but along the way I noticed a number of other minor bits in the
lm25066 driver that looked like they could use some fixes, so I've
included those as well.

Patches 1 and 2 bring the m/b/R coefficients in line with what's in
the relevant datasheets, patches 3 through 5 are fairly generic
(minor) code cleanups, and patches 6 through 8 add the desired OF
support for the driver.


Zev Weiss (8):
hwmon: (pmbus/lm25066) Add offset coefficients
hwmon: (pmbus/lm25066) Adjust lm25066 PSC_CURRENT_IN_L mantissa
hwmon: (pmbus/lm25066) Avoid forward declaration of lm25066_id
hwmon: (pmbus/lm25066) Let compiler determine outer dimension of
hwmon: (pmbus/lm25066) Mark lm25066_coeff array const
hwmon: (pmbus/lm25066) Add OF device ID table
hwmon: (pmbus/lm25066) Support configurable sense resistor values
dt-bindings: hwmon/pmbus: Add ti,lm25066 power-management IC

.../bindings/hwmon/pmbus/ti,lm25066.yaml | 54 +++++++++++
Documentation/hwmon/lm25066.rst | 2 +
drivers/hwmon/pmbus/lm25066.c | 90 +++++++++++++++----
3 files changed, 128 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/hwmon/pmbus/ti,lm25066.yaml