Good Day to you

From: Pastor Ibobo
Date: Tue Sep 28 2021 - 15:16:19 EST

Good Day to you I am bring this to your notice for you to know and
understand when someone is telling you the truth, first of all, I
truly understand that it is very hard for people to detect the real
business transaction and that of the fake ones but you can never judge
that every one are the same no!! no!!! it is impossible,

we are busy fighting corruptions all over the world and people whom
we have been fighting for are busying ruining into corruptions and
scam believing them instead of believing the truth, for the past few
Months you have been told to contact our Bank {standard American Bank}
were your total fund have been deposited and credited and all you have
been requested to do is for your online account opening which will
only cost you lesser amount still yet you still don't believe .

Now can you count how many times you have send your hard earn money
to those impostors since then and until now you still have gotten non
of your fund, Now is too earlier for you if you can come back to your
senses and do the right now I am here to put a trust to you and make
sure that after this your will be apprehended to seek for me after the
successful of your transaction try and have your account opening fee
send and an account will be open for you which you will be credited
instantly with the total amount of your awaiting fund of $30.7 Million
Dollars and issued you with all your online, login details to start
making use of your fund,

Understand that you can as well request for an ATM master card from
the Bank Portal if you wish that once you have an account with
standard American Bank But try and understand that we are here to make
sure you start making use of your long waiting fund if you wish try
and get back to me on this matter and God bless you...
E-MAIL (( pi3501417@xxxxxxxxx ))
Best Regards,

Pastor Ibobo