Re: [PATCH] powerpc/eeh:Fix some mistakes in comments

From: Daniel Axtens
Date: Thu Sep 30 2021 - 02:31:53 EST

Hi Kai,

Thank you for your contribution to the powerpc kernel!

> Get rid of warning:
> arch/powerpc/kernel/eeh.c:774: warning: expecting prototype for eeh_set_pe_freset(). Prototype was for eeh_set_dev_freset() instead

You haven't said where this warning is from. I thought it might be from
sparse but I couldn't seem to reproduce it - is my version of sparse too
old or are you using a different tool?

> /**
> - * eeh_set_pe_freset - Check the required reset for the indicated device
> - * @data: EEH device
> + * eeh_set_dev_freset - Check the required reset for the indicated device
> + * @edev: EEH device
> * @flag: return value
> *
> * Each device might have its preferred reset type: fundamental or

This looks like a good and correct change.

I checked through git history with git blame to see when the function
was renamed. There are 2 commits that should have updated the comment:
one renamed the function and one renamed an argument. So, I think this
commit could have:

Fixes: d6c4932fbf24 ("powerpc/eeh: Strengthen types of eeh traversal functions")
Fixes: c270a24c59bd ("powerpc/eeh: Do reset based on PE")

But I don't know if an out of date comment is enough of a 'bug' to
justify a Fixes: tag? (mpe, I'm sure I've asked this before, sorry!)

All up, this is a good correction to the comment.

There are a few other functions in the file that have incorrect

- eeh_pci_enable - missing parameter

- eeh_pe_reset and eeh_pe_reset_full - missing parameter

- eeh_init - missing parameter

- eeh_pe_inject_err - wrong name for a parameter

Could you fix all of the docstrings in the file at once?

Kind regards,