Re: [PATCH 3/4] ASoC: mediatek: mt8195: separate the common code from machine driver

From: Mark Brown
Date: Tue Nov 16 2021 - 09:59:43 EST

On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 05:33:48PM +0800, Trevor Wu wrote:

> Is the reply from YC clear? Any suggestion would be appreciated. If you
> need more information, please let us know.

Not really. It's super high level and only at the driver level, not
talking about the hardware much. As far as I can see it's showing a
single physical system and even seems to have what looks like it's
supposed to be two cards connected together which really seems like
it's a single device.

> Additionally, it was my understanding you suggested that DSP routes
> should be configurable in some ways, and we should not just add a new
> driver for SOF in case we need to support some other interface
> combinations in the future. If I'm wrong, please kindly correct me.

Yes, I'd not expect a separate driver depending on system configuration.

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