I'm want to develop usb/ip protocol for new features

From: mhnx
Date: Tue Nov 16 2021 - 19:00:57 EST


I need to improve the USB/IP protocol for a project and it seems like
the USB/IP project is old and dead now. Development looks like
finished or abandoned few years ago.
This project needs changes, features and a new optimised /improved
version for my usage and I'm willing to work on it.

I'm not familiar yet and I'm in the learning process.
I don't know Is there any way to do Callback Connection (Client to
server) with the latest version. I couldn't find any doc or usage
about it.

- What is the callback connection?
It allows to connect USB devices to remote USB Client located behind
NAT or Firewall. This is accomplished by swapping the server and
client roles. In normal situation, USB client initiates a connection.
With Callback Connection, it is a USB Server who initiates a

If the Callback Connection is possible please let me know.

Best regards.