Re: linux-next: manual merge of the bpf-next tree with the jc_docs tree

From: Daniel Borkmann
Date: Wed Nov 17 2021 - 18:20:39 EST

On 11/18/21 12:13 AM, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
Hi all,

Today's linux-next merge of the bpf-next tree got a conflict in:


between commit:

1c1c3c7d08d8 ("libbpf: update index.rst reference")

from the jc_docs tree and commit:

5931d9a3d052 ("bpf, docs: Fix ordering of bpf documentation")

from the bpf-next tree.

I fixed it up (the latter removed the line updated by the former, so I
just the latter) and can carry the fix as necessary.
Ack, sounds good. Dave's rework fixed it implicitly.