Re: [PATCH v2] Docs: Fixes link to I2C specification

From: Randy Dunlap
Date: Fri Nov 19 2021 - 10:40:14 EST

On 11/18/21 10:14 PM, Deep Majumder wrote:
The link to the I2C specification is broken and is replaced in this
patch by one that points to Rev 6 (2014) of the specification.
Although `"; hosts the Rev 7 (2021) of this
specification, it is behind a login-wall and thus cannot be used.

I don't quite get the "cannot be used" part.
I created a free login and downloaded this spec,
so yes, it's a hassle, but why can it not be used?

Thus, an additional link has been added (which doesn't require a login)
and the NXP official docs link has been updated. The additional link is
not the Wayback Machine link since it seems that the PDF has not been

Signed-off-by: Deep Majumder <deep@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Documentation/i2c/summary.rst | 8 +++++---
1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Documentation/i2c/summary.rst b/Documentation/i2c/summary.rst
index 136c4e333be7..3395e2e46d9c 100644
--- a/Documentation/i2c/summary.rst
+++ b/Documentation/i2c/summary.rst
@@ -11,9 +11,11 @@ systems. Some systems use variants that don't meet branding requirements,
and so are not advertised as being I2C but come under different names,
e.g. TWI (Two Wire Interface), IIC.
-The official I2C specification is the `"I2C-bus specification and user
-manual" (UM10204) <>`_
-published by NXP Semiconductors.
+The official I2C specification (revision 7) is the `"I2C-bus specification and user
+manual" (UM10204) <>`_
+published by NXP Semiconductors. However, you need to log-in to the site to
+access the PDF. An older version of the specification (revision 6) is available
+`here <>`_.
SMBus (System Management Bus) is based on the I2C protocol, and is mostly
a subset of I2C protocols and signaling. Many I2C devices will work on an