Re: [PATCH v4 0/5] Refactor thermal pressure update to avoid code duplication

From: Lukasz Luba
Date: Tue Nov 23 2021 - 04:11:27 EST

Hi Viresh,

On 11/11/21 3:15 AM, Viresh Kumar wrote:
On 09-11-21, 19:57, Lukasz Luba wrote:
Hi all,

This patch set v4 aims to refactor the thermal pressure update
code. There are already two clients which do similar thing:
convert the capped frequency value into the capacity of
affected CPU and call the 'set' function to store the
reduced capacity into the per-cpu variable.
There might be more than two of these users. In near future
it will be scmi-cpufreq driver, which receives notification
from FW about reduced frequency due to thermal. Other vendors
might follow. Let's avoid code duplication and potential
conversion bugs. Move the conversion code into the arch_topology.c
where the capacity calculation setup code and thermal pressure sit.

Apart from that $subject patches, there is one patch (3/5) which fixes
issue in qcom-cpufreq-hw.c when the thermal pressure is not
updated for offline CPUs. It's similar fix that has been merged
recently for cpufreq_cooling.c:

The patch 4/5 fixes also qcom-cpufreq-hw.c driver code which did
the translation from frequency to capacity wrongly when there
was a boost frequency available and stored in 'policy->cpuinfo.max_freq'.

LGTM. I will apply this in a few days so people get time to Ack/Review
the patches.

Thara has reviewed the patches. Could you take the patch set into
your tree, please?