Re: [PATCH] MIPS: pgalloc: fix memory leak caused by pgd_free()

From: Donald Hoskins
Date: Sun Apr 03 2022 - 00:15:21 EST

Hi there,

This fix should backported.  Effectively, all mips64-based Cavium Octeon processors have been broken since the original commit; this has been a persistent and surreptitious issue for the OpenWrt community since nearly a year ago (referencing, and nearly ended with OpenWrt marking the target as entirely unsupported and moving on.

We understand that there are ultimately few users of mips64, but it's really important that our memory management work. While OpenWrt can backport until upstream inclusion, I am sure there are other users and software platforms unaware of this fix (and unable to take advantage of it), thus making those platforms on this arch completely unusable.