Re: [GIT PULL] Add trusted_for(2) (was O_MAYEXEC)

From: Kees Cook
Date: Mon Apr 04 2022 - 17:39:14 EST

On Mon, Mar 21, 2022 at 05:15:57PM +0100, Mickaël Salaün wrote:
> [...]
> For further details, please see the latest cover letter:
> Commit dae71698b6c5 ("printk: Move back proc_dointvec_minmax_sysadmin()
> to sysctl.c") was recently added due to the sysctl refactoring.
> Commit e674341a90b9 ("selftests/interpreter: fix separate directory
> build") will fix some test build cases as explained here:
> Merging this commit without the new KHDR_INCLUDES is not an issue.
> The upcoming kselftest pull request is ready:
> This patch series has been open for review for more than three years and
> got a lot of feedbacks (and bikeshedding) which were all considered.
> Since I heard no objection, please consider to pull this code for
> v5.18-rc1 . These five patches have been successfully tested in the
> latest linux-next releases for several weeks.

Hi Linus,

It looks like this didn't get pulled for -rc1 even though it was sent
during the merge window and has been in -next for a while. It would be
really nice to get this landed since userspace can't make any forward
progress without the kernel support.

Was there some issue blocking this from being merged? All the feedback I
can find on prior versions was addressed.


Kees Cook