Re: [RFC PATCH 0/8] media: hantro: Add 10-bit support

From: Benjamin Gaignard
Date: Wed Apr 06 2022 - 07:49:12 EST

Le 05/04/2022 à 20:40, Jernej Škrabec a écrit :
Hi Benjamin!

Dne torek, 05. april 2022 ob 18:07:41 CEST je Benjamin Gaignard napisal(a):
Le 27/02/2022 à 15:49, Jernej Skrabec a écrit :
First two patches add 10-bit formats to UAPI, third extends filtering
mechanism, fourth fixes incorrect assumption, fifth moves register
configuration code to proper place, sixth and seventh enable 10-bit
VP9 decoding on Allwinner H6 and last increases core frequency on
Allwinner H6.

I'm sending this as RFC to get some comments:
1. format definitions - are fourcc's ok? are comments/descriptions ok?
2. is extended filtering mechanism ok?

I would also like if these patches are tested on some more HW.
Additionally, can someone test tiled P010?

Please take a look.
Hi Jernej,

I have create a branch to test this series with VP9 and HEVC:
8m Feel free to pick what I may need in it.

That doesn't improve fluster scores, I think more dev are still needed in
GST before getting something fully functional.
Anyway I able to select P010 pixel format if the input is a 10bit bitstream.
What kind of improvements do you expect? Actually, this series is designed to
change nothing for platforms, where 10-bit format is not added into the list
of supported formats. I think reasons are quite obvious. First, not every
device may support 10-bit output. Second, as you might already figured it out,
registers in this series are set only for legacy cores. I have no idea, what
needs to be done for newer ones, since I don't have them. Anyway, I tested
this with fluster and only one additional test passes, because it is the only
one for 10-bit YUV420.

In this series you will find that I have added the registers for the new cores,
fix hevc to be able to use 10-bit, and enable that in IMX8M.


Best regards,