Re: [PATCH v4 0/3] x86/platform/uv: UV Kernel support for UV5

From: Thomas Gleixner
Date: Wed Apr 06 2022 - 18:53:15 EST

On Wed, Apr 06 2022 at 14:51, Steve Wahl wrote:
> v2: Delete patch to remove SCRATCH 5 NMI support check for
> UV2 and UV3k systems with old NMI support function.
> v3: Fix check BIOS NMI support mistake in Patch 1.
> v4: Clarify commit messages and comments in all 3 patches.
> We hope this addresses the issues raised by Thomas Gleixner in
> Update NMI Handler for UV5
> Update NMI handler for UV5 hardware. A platform register
> changed, and UV5 only uses one of the two NMI methods used on
> previous hardware.
> Update TSC sync state for UV5
> The UV5 platform synchronizes the TSCs among all chassis, and
> will not proceed to OS boot without achieving synchronization.
> Previous UV platforms provided a register indicating
> successful synchronization. This is no longer available on
> UV5. On this platform TSC_ADJUST should not be reset by the
> kernel.
> Log gap hole end size
> Show value of gap end in the kernel log which equates to
> number of physical address bits used by system.
> Mike Travis (3):
> x86/platform/uv: Update NMI Handler for UV5
> x86/platform/uv: Update TSC sync state for UV5
> x86/platform/uv: Log gap hole end size

Acked-by: Thomas Gleixner <tglx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>