Re: [PATCH v2 0/2] Add support for bcm2711 in vchiq_arm

From: Adrien Thierry
Date: Thu Apr 07 2022 - 10:04:13 EST

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your feedback.

> Could you please explain your approach, especially leaving out 36 bit
> DMA support?

I realize I overlooked this 36 bit DMA support issue, I need to think it
through a little bit more.

> This is a really bad idea and caused a lot of trouble in the past. A lot
> of the issues in the Fedora or Arch Linux forums or mailing lists
> results from this idea. It wastes the time of the kernel developer since
> these DT files has never been reviewed by the devicetree maintainers.

I understand, thanks! I find the downstream dtbs convenient because of the
overlay system that allows you to easily enable certain drivers, but I get
your point.

Best regards,