[PATCH 0/5] staging: vt6655: Replace macro VNSvInPortW,D with ioread16,32()

From: Philipp Hortmann
Date: Sun Apr 24 2022 - 03:44:16 EST

Replace macro VNSvInPortW with ioread16 and VNSvInPortD with ioread32.
Avoid cast of the return value is possible with one exception.
The name of macro and the arguments use CamelCase which
is not accepted by checkpatch.pl

Since there are more than one checkpatch issue per line,
more steps are rquired to fix all issues.

This patch series is new but the first and last patch are already in V4.

Tested with vt6655 on mini PCI Module
Transferred this patch over wlan connection of vt6655

Philipp Hortmann (5):
staging: vt6655: Replace VNSvInPortW with ioread16
staging: vt6655: Replace MACvReadMIBCounter with VNSvInPortD
staging: vt6655: Replace MACvReadISR with VNSvInPortD
staging: vt6655: Replace two VNSvInPortD with ioread64_lo_hi
staging: vt6655: Replace VNSvInPortD with ioread32

drivers/staging/vt6655/card.c | 4 ++--
drivers/staging/vt6655/device_main.c | 6 +++---
drivers/staging/vt6655/mac.h | 28 +++++++++++-----------------
drivers/staging/vt6655/rf.c | 2 +-
drivers/staging/vt6655/upc.h | 6 ------
5 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 29 deletions(-)