[PATCH v1 0/4] can: ctucanfd: clenup acoording to the actual rules and documentation linking

From: Pavel Pisa
Date: Sun Apr 24 2022 - 12:29:56 EST

The minor problems reported by actual checkpatch.pl and patchwork
rules has been resolved at price of disable of some debugging
options used initially to locate FPGA PCIe integration problems.

The CTU CAN FD IP core driver documentation has been linked
into CAN drivers index.

The code has been tested on QEMU with CTU CAN FD IP core
included functional model of PCIe integration.

The Linux net-next CTU CAN FD driver has been tested on real Xilinx
Zynq hardware by Matej Vasilevski even together with his
timestamp support patches. Preparation for public discussion
and mainlining is work in progress.

Jiapeng Chong (2):
can: ctucanfd: Remove unnecessary print function dev_err()
can: ctucanfd: Remove unused including <linux/version.h>

Pavel Pisa (2):
can: ctucanfd: remove PCI module debug parameters and core debug
docs: networking: device drivers: can: add ctucanfd and its author
e-mail update

.../can/ctu/ctucanfd-driver.rst | 2 +-
.../networking/device_drivers/can/index.rst | 1 +
drivers/net/can/ctucanfd/ctucanfd_base.c | 34 ++-----------------
drivers/net/can/ctucanfd/ctucanfd_pci.c | 22 ++++--------
drivers/net/can/ctucanfd/ctucanfd_platform.c | 1 -
5 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)