Re: [PATCH v1 1/4] can: ctucanfd: remove PCI module debug parameters and core debug statements

From: Pavel Pisa
Date: Mon Apr 25 2022 - 04:11:43 EST

Hello Vincent,

On Monday 25 of April 2022 09:48:51 Vincent Mailhol wrote:
> On Mon. 25 Apr. 2022 at 14:11, Pavel Pisa <pisa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > This and remove of inline keyword from the local static functions
> > should make happy all checks in actual versions of the both
> > and patchwork tools.
> The title and the description say two different things.
> When looking at the code, it just seemed that you squashed
> together two different patches: one to remove the inlines and one
> to remove the debug. I guess you should split it again.

if you or somebody else confirms that the three lines change
worth separate patch I regenerate the series.
The changes are not based on third party patches but only
on indications reported by static analysis tools.
Remove of inline in the local static functions probably
does not even change code generation by current compiler
generation. Removed debug outputs are under local ifdef
disabled by default, so only real change is step down from
option to use module parameter to check for possible
broken MSI causing the problems on PCIe CTU CAN FD integration.
So I thought that single relatively small cleanup patch is
less load to maintainers.

But I have no strong preference there and will do as confirmed.

By the way, what is preference for CC, should the series
be sent to linux-kernel and netdev or it is preferred for these
local changes to send it only to linux-can to not load others?
Same for CC to David Miller.

Best wishes,

Pavel Pisa
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