[PATCH V2] arm64: add SCHED_CLUSTER's dependency on ACPI

From: 王擎
Date: Mon Apr 25 2022 - 07:18:37 EST

>> From: Wang Qing <wangqing@xxxxxxxx>
>> cluster sched_domain configured by cpu_topology[].cluster_sibling,
>> which is set by cluster_id, cluster_id can only get from ACPI.
>> If the system does not enable ACPI, cluster_id is always -1, even enable
>> SCHED_CLUSTER is invalid, this is misleading.
>> So we add SCHED_CLUSTER's dependency on ACPI here.
>Any reason why this can't be extended to support DT based systems via
>cpu-map in the device tree. IMO we almost have everything w.r.t topology
>in DT and no reason to deviate this feature between ACPI and DT.
That's the problem, we parse out "cluster" info according to the
description in cpu-map, but do assign it to package_id, which used to
configure the MC sched domain, not cluster sched domain.

That is to say, "cluster" in cpu-map is used to describe the package_id.
We can't get cluster_id from DT.