Re: [RFC PATCH v3 0/5] Introduce Cpufreq Active Stats

From: Lukasz Luba
Date: Tue Apr 26 2022 - 03:59:44 EST

On 4/26/22 08:54, Viresh Kumar wrote:
On 26-04-22, 08:46, Lukasz Luba wrote:
I haven't modify your current cpufreq stats, they are still counting
total time (idle + running) for the given frequency. I think this is
still useful for some userspace tools. These new proposed stats don't
have such sysfs interface to read them. I don't know if userspace would
be interested in this information (the running only time). IIRC Android
uses bpf mechanisms to get this information to the userspace.

I saw some debugfs bits there, aren't you exposing any data via it ? I
am just asking about, not suggesting :)

:) but I didn't dare to make it sysfs. I don't know if anything in
user-space would be interested (apart from my test scripts).