Re: linux-next: Signed-off-by missing for commit in the mediatek tree

From: Matthias Brugger
Date: Tue Apr 26 2022 - 05:35:19 EST

Hi Stephen,

On 26/04/2022 00:07, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
Hi all,


775ef8aaa66e ("arm64: dts: mediatek: align thermal zone node names with dtschema")
c8b8db1a173d ("arm64: dts: mediatek: align operating-points table name with dtschema")
c01d9aa630b8 ("arm64: dts: mediatek: mt8183: align Google CROS EC PWM node name with dtschema")
75a3c81bc634 ("arm64: dts: hisilicon: align 'freq-table-hz' with dtschema in UFS")

are missing a Signed-off-by from their committer.

These patches are taken by Krysztof and merge into my tree via a tag [1] to avoid any conflicts. Please let me know if there is anything I need to do to fix this problem.