Re: [RFC 1/1] drivers/dma/*: replace tasklets with workqueue

From: Allen Pais
Date: Wed Apr 27 2022 - 11:53:42 EST

>> The tasklet is an old API which will be deprecated, workqueue API
>> cab be used instead of them.
> What is the reason for tasklet removal, I am not sure old is a reason to
> remove an API...

While we moved to modernised version of tasklet API, there was
A request to entirely remove tasklets. The following patch is an attempt
Towards it.

>> This patch replaces the tasklet usage in drivers/dma/* with a
>> simple work.
> Dmaengines need very high throughput, one of the reasons in dmaengine
> API design to use tasklet was higher priority given to them. Will the
> workqueue allow that...?

It is interesting that you brought up this point. I haven’t had the opportunity
To test the changes by stressing the kernel, what tests/benchmarks would
You prefer to see run on with these changes.


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