Re: [PATCH v2 00/12] Improve Raid5 Lock Contention

From: Logan Gunthorpe
Date: Thu Apr 28 2022 - 17:22:25 EST

On 2022-04-25 10:12, Xiao Ni wrote:
>> I do know that lkp-tests has run it on this series as I did get an error
>> from it. But while I'm pretty sure that error has been resolved, I was
>> never able to figure out how to run them locally.
> Hi Logan
> You can clone the mdadm repo at
> git://
> Then you can find there is a script test under the directory. It's not
> under the tests directory.
> The test cases are under tests directory.

So I've been fighting with this and it seems there are just a ton of
failures in these tests without my changes. Running on the latest master
(52c67fcdd6dad) with stock v5.17.5 I see major brokenness. About 17 out
of 44 tests that run failed. I had to run with --disable-integrity
because those tests seem to hang on an infinite loop waiting for the md
array to go into the U state (even though it appears idle).

Even though I ran the tests with '--keep-going', the testing stopped
after the 07revert-grow reported errors in dmesg -- even though the only
errors printed to dmesg were that of mdadm segfaulting.

Running on md/md-next seems to get a bit further (to
10ddf-create-fail-rebuild) and stops with the same segfaulting issue (or
perhaps the 07 test only randomly fails first -- I haven't run it that
many times). Though most of the tests between these points fail anyway.

My upcoming v3 patches cause no failures that are different from the
md/md-next branch. But it seems these tests have rotted to the point
that they aren't all that useful; or maybe there are a ton of
regressions in the kernel already and nobody was paying much attention.
I have also tried to test certain cases that appear broken in recent
kernels anyway (like reducing the number of disks in a raid5 array hangs
on the first stripe to reshape).

In any case I have a very rough ad-hoc test suite I've been expanding
that is targeted at testing my specific changes. Testing these changes
has definitely been challenging. In any case, I've published my tests here: