[tip:x86/cleanups] BUILD SUCCESS 9de76f41ea2188f2784f48352f9278819d249afc

From: kernel test robot
Date: Fri Jul 08 2022 - 01:36:02 EST

tree/branch: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tip/tip.git x86/cleanups
branch HEAD: 9de76f41ea2188f2784f48352f9278819d249afc x86/mm: Refer to the intended config STRICT_DEVMEM in a comment

elapsed time: 720m

configs tested: 78
configs skipped: 72

The following configs have been built successfully.
More configs may be tested in the coming days.

gcc tested configs:
arm64 allyesconfig
arm defconfig
arm allyesconfig
i386 randconfig-c001
powerpc mpc8540_ads_defconfig
nios2 allyesconfig
sh se7705_defconfig
powerpc tqm8548_defconfig
riscv defconfig
sh se7722_defconfig
xtensa defconfig
powerpc tqm8555_defconfig
m68k q40_defconfig
powerpc ppc6xx_defconfig
arm jornada720_defconfig
powerpc ep8248e_defconfig
m68k sun3_defconfig
sh r7780mp_defconfig
x86_64 alldefconfig
xtensa generic_kc705_defconfig
arc axs103_smp_defconfig
riscv nommu_virt_defconfig
riscv rv32_defconfig
riscv nommu_k210_defconfig
riscv allnoconfig
i386 debian-10.3-kselftests
i386 debian-10.3
m68k allyesconfig
m68k allmodconfig
arc allyesconfig
alpha allyesconfig
powerpc allnoconfig
mips allyesconfig
powerpc allmodconfig
sh allmodconfig
i386 allyesconfig
i386 defconfig
x86_64 randconfig-a006
x86_64 randconfig-a004
x86_64 randconfig-a002
i386 randconfig-a001
i386 randconfig-a003
i386 randconfig-a005
x86_64 randconfig-a011
x86_64 randconfig-a013
x86_64 randconfig-a015
i386 randconfig-a012
i386 randconfig-a014
i386 randconfig-a016
riscv randconfig-r042-20220707
arc randconfig-r043-20220707
s390 randconfig-r044-20220707
x86_64 rhel-8.3-kselftests
um x86_64_defconfig
um i386_defconfig
x86_64 defconfig
x86_64 allyesconfig
x86_64 rhel-8.3
x86_64 rhel-8.3-func
x86_64 rhel-8.3-syz
x86_64 rhel-8.3-kunit

clang tested configs:
powerpc mpc885_ads_defconfig
powerpc mvme5100_defconfig
x86_64 randconfig-k001
x86_64 randconfig-a005
x86_64 randconfig-a003
x86_64 randconfig-a001
i386 randconfig-a002
i386 randconfig-a006
i386 randconfig-a004
x86_64 randconfig-a012
x86_64 randconfig-a014
x86_64 randconfig-a016
i386 randconfig-a013
i386 randconfig-a011
i386 randconfig-a015
hexagon randconfig-r045-20220707
hexagon randconfig-r041-20220707

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