Re: [PATCH v2 net 00/12] sysctl: Fix data-races around ipv4_table.

From: patchwork-bot+netdevbpf
Date: Fri Jul 08 2022 - 07:50:29 EST


This series was applied to netdev/net.git (master)
by David S. Miller <davem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

On Wed, 6 Jul 2022 16:39:51 -0700 you wrote:
> A sysctl variable is accessed concurrently, and there is always a chance
> of data-race. So, all readers and writers need some basic protection to
> avoid load/store-tearing.
> The first half of this series changes some proc handlers used in ipv4_table
> to use READ_ONCE() and WRITE_ONCE() internally to fix data-races on the
> sysctl side. Then, the second half adds READ_ONCE() to the other readers
> of ipv4_table.
> [...]

Here is the summary with links:
- [v2,net,01/12] sysctl: Fix data races in proc_dointvec().
- [v2,net,02/12] sysctl: Fix data races in proc_douintvec().
- [v2,net,03/12] sysctl: Fix data races in proc_dointvec_minmax().
- [v2,net,04/12] sysctl: Fix data races in proc_douintvec_minmax().
- [v2,net,05/12] sysctl: Fix data races in proc_doulongvec_minmax().
- [v2,net,06/12] sysctl: Fix data races in proc_dointvec_jiffies().
- [v2,net,07/12] tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_max_orphans.
- [v2,net,08/12] inetpeer: Fix data-races around sysctl.
- [v2,net,09/12] net: Fix data-races around sysctl_mem.
- [v2,net,10/12] cipso: Fix data-races around sysctl.
- [v2,net,11/12] icmp: Fix data-races around sysctl.
- [v2,net,12/12] ipv4: Fix a data-race around sysctl_fib_sync_mem.

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