Re: [PATCH 0/5] Add support for Xiaomi Poco F1 EBBG variant

From: Joel Selvaraj
Date: Sat Jul 09 2022 - 07:19:40 EST

Hi Konrad Dybcio,

On 09/07/22 02:13, Konrad Dybcio wrote:
I believe this is not the correct approach. This may work short-term, but
you will have to prepare 2 separate images for the device and mistaking them
may cause irreversible hw damage at worst, or lots of user complaining at best.
Instead, I think it's about time we should look into implementing dynamic panel

Qualcomm devices do this by parsing the command line [1], as LK/XBL
gives you a nice-ish string to work with that you can simply match
against a label. Other vendors may use custom mechanisms, such as
a resistor / GPIO to determine which panel (or generally hw config),
but implementing this mechanism would make upstreaming of lots of other
devices easier..

This issue concerns many phones (and well, devices in general), as
they are seldom made with only one configuration due to supply chain
Yes. I very much agree on this. It would be proper to have dynamic panel detection. But I am afraid if I can implement such a solution. It would be nice if people working on MSM DRM stack have a look at this. But, do we don't need to block this patch until such a solution is developed?