RE: [RESEND PATCH v3] scsi: ufs: exclude UECxx from SFR dump list

From: Kiwoong Kim
Date: Mon Jul 11 2022 - 00:01:39 EST

> >> Is this behavior specific to the Exynos controller or is this
> >> behavior required by the UFSHCI specification? In the latter case,
> >> can you tell me where to find this requirement in the UFSHCI
> >> specification? I haven't found that requirement yet. Maybe this means
> that I overlooked something?
> >
> > This is needed because those SFRs are ROC (Read to Clear) type.
> > That means reading causes clearing contexts.
> > The SFRs are mainly read in interrupt context but the reading is also
> done in dump.
> The above repeats what I can find in the patch description but doesn't
> answer my question :-(
> Bart.

It's definitely not Exynos specific
because the fact that those SFRs are ROC type is written in UFSHCI.
I don't know more things to explain why this patch is needed.

You just want to know whether any additional descriptions about ROC is written ?

Kiwoong Kim