Re: [PATCH v3 00/10] drm: Add support for low-color frame buffer formats

From: Thomas Zimmermann
Date: Mon Jul 11 2022 - 04:50:06 EST


Am 09.07.22 um 15:38 schrieb Sam Ravnborg:
Hi Geert,

On Fri, Jul 08, 2022 at 08:20:45PM +0200, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
Hi all,

A long outstanding issue with the DRM subsystem has been the lack of
support for low-color displays, as used typically on older desktop
systems, and on small embedded displays.

For the patchset

Acked-by: Thomas Zimemrmann <tzimmermann@xxxxxxx>

IT is super to have this addressed - thanks!

This patch series adds support for color-indexed frame buffer formats
with 2, 4, and 16 colors. It has been tested on ARAnyM using a
work-in-progress Atari DRM driver supporting 2, 4, 16, 256, and 65536
colors, with text console operation, fbtest, and modetest.

- Patch 1 introduces a helper, to be used by later patches in the
- Patch 2 introduces a flag to indicate color-indexed formats,
- Patches 3 and 4 correct calculations of bits per pixel for sub-byte
pixel formats,
- Patches 5 and 6 introduce the new C[124] formats,
- Patch 7 fixes an untested code path,
- Patch 8 documents the use of "red" for light-on-dark displays,
- Patches 9 and 10 add more fourcc codes for light-on-dark and
dark-on-light frame buffer formats, which may be useful for e.g. the
ssd130x and repaper drivers.

Applied all patches to drm-misc (drm-misc-next), including the last two
RFC patches as we then have the formats ready when a user pops up.

I know it's v3 already, but give people at least a workday for reviewing before merging patches of this size and impact. Friday-evening patches are not supposed to be merged on Saturday afternoons.

Best regards


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