[PATCH 00/10] video: fbdev: atari: Miscellaneous fixes and cleanups

From: Geert Uytterhoeven
Date: Mon Jul 11 2022 - 11:50:58 EST

Hi all,

This patch series contains miscellaneous fixes and cleanups for the
Atari frame buffer device driver, which were identified while working on
the Atari DRM driver.

Most of them have been tested on ARAnyM, and should be safe to apply,
except perhaps for the last one, which is marked RFC.

Thanks for your comments!

Geert Uytterhoeven (10):
video: fbdev: atari: Simplify atafb_pan_display()
video: fbdev: atari: Remove bogus FB_VMODE_YWRAP flags
video: fbdev: atari: Fix inverse handling
video: fbdev: atari: Fix ext_setcolreg()
video: fbdev: atari: Remove unneeded casts from void *
video: fbdev: atari: Remove unneeded casts to void *
video: fbdev: atari: Fix TT High video mode vertical refresh
video: fbdev: atari: Fix VGA modes
video: fbdev: atari: Remove unused definitions and variables
[RFC] video: fbdev: atari: Remove backward bug-compatibility

Documentation/m68k/kernel-options.rst | 4 +-
drivers/video/fbdev/atafb.c | 101 +++++++-------------------
2 files changed, 29 insertions(+), 76 deletions(-)




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