Re: [PATCH -next] arch_topology: Fix cache attributes detection in the CPU hotplug path

From: Conor.Dooley
Date: Wed Jul 13 2022 - 12:04:54 EST

On 13/07/2022 14:33, Sudeep Holla wrote:
> Hi Conor,
> Ionela reported an issue with the CPU hotplug and as a fix I need to
> move the call to detect_cache_attributes() which I had thought to keep
> it there from first but for no reason had moved it to init_cpu_topology().
> Wonder if this fixes the -ENOMEM on RISC-V as this one is called on the
> cpu in the secondary CPUs init path while init_cpu_topology executed
> detect_cache_attributes() for all possible CPUs much earlier. I think
> this might help as the percpu memory might be initialised in this case.
> Anyways give this a try, also test the CPU hotplug and check if nothing
> is broken on RISC-V. We noticed this bug only on one platform while

Coll, will give it a go tomorrow probably. I have a swiotlb issue that's
broken my boot to find first :/