Re: Update "If something goes wrong" in Documentation/admin-guide/README.rst

From: Jonathan Corbet
Date: Wed Jul 13 2022 - 15:58:58 EST

Thorsten Leemhuis <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Maybe just copying the "short guide" from the top of
> reporting-issues.rst might be the most elegant solution for README.rst
> while adding the link your mentioned (maybe while adding a comment to
> reporting-issues.rst saying something like 'if you update this section,
> update the copy over there, too'). But I'm not sure myself right now if
> that's really the best way forward; maybe a few modifications might be
> good here. Let's see what Jonathan says.

Let's not duplicate the text; why not just link over to

In general, README.rst has seen little attention for a long time and
could benefit from a major thrashing, methinks.