Re: LED Maintainership

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Thu Jul 14 2022 - 07:23:58 EST


> Not sure what's going on behind the scenes, but it looks as though the
> LED subsystem has been left unmaintained for at least 2 months now.

> Does anyone have any objection to me stepping in as temporary
> maintainer until the situation is resolved?

Yes, I'm a bit busy and would not mind help.

There's a lot of easy stuff in the LED -- drivers not introducing new
APIs -- and some quite tricky stuff -- userland API leaves... a lot to
be desired, and we are in the middle of defining multicolor API.

I wanted to ask Marek (in cc now) if he would be interested in
helping. He knows the APIs / issues, and actually has multicolor LEDs
he cares about. Marek, are you interested?

If Marek is not interested, yes, help with the driver stuff would be

Best regards,

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