Re: [PATCH V5 0/2] ublk: add io_uring based userspace block driver

From: Gabriel Krisman Bertazi
Date: Thu Jul 14 2022 - 10:41:37 EST

Ming Lei <ming.lei@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> ublk driver is one kernel driver for implementing generic userspace block
> device/driver, which delivers io request from ublk block device(/dev/ublkbN) into
> ublk server[1] which is the userspace part of ublk for communicating
> with ublk driver and handling specific io logic by its target module.

Hey Ming,

I didn't get a chance to look deep into v5 as I was on a last minute
leave in the past few days. Either way, I went through them now and the
patches look good to me. I'm quite happy they are merged, thank you
very much for this work.

Just for ML archive purposes, the entire series is

Reviewed-by: Gabriel Krisman Bertazi <krisman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Gabriel Krisman Bertazi