Re: [PATCH] acpi/nfit: badrange report spill over to clean range

From: Jane Chu
Date: Fri Jul 15 2022 - 13:26:53 EST

On 7/14/2022 6:19 PM, Dan Williams wrote:
> Jane Chu wrote:
>> I meant to say there would be 8 calls to the nfit_handle_mce() callback,
>> one call for each poison with accurate address.
>> Also, short ARS would find 2 poisons.
>> I attached the console output, my annotation is prefixed with "<==".
> [29078.634817] {4}[Hardware Error]: physical_address: 0x00000040a0602600 <== 2nd poison @ 0x600
> [29078.642200] {4}[Hardware Error]: physical_address_mask: 0xffffffffffffff00
> Why is nfit_handle_mce() seeing a 4K address mask when the CPER record
> is seeing a 256-byte address mask?

Good question! One would think both GHES reporting and
nfit_handle_mce() are consuming the same mce record...
Who might know?

> Sigh, is this "firmware-first" causing the kernel to get bad information
> via the native mechanisms >
> I would expect that if this test was truly worried about minimizing BIOS
> latency it would disable firmware-first error reporting. I wonder if
> that fixes the observed problem?

Could you elaborate on firmware-first error please? What are the
possible consequences disabling it? and how to disable it?