Re: [PATCH v1 1/1] i2c: scmi: Convert to be a platform driver

From: Josef Johansson
Date: Thu Sep 08 2022 - 03:48:40 EST

On 9/8/22 08:07, Josef Johansson wrote:
On 9/7/22 21:47, Wolfram Sang wrote:
On Tue, Sep 06, 2022 at 06:55:07PM +0300, Andy Shevchenko wrote:
ACPI core in conjunction with platform driver core provides
an infrastructure to enumerate ACPI devices. Use it in order
to remove a lot of boilerplate code.

Signed-off-by: Andy Shevchenko <andriy.shevchenko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Josef, do you have resources to test this patch before I apply it?

Yes, I'll make that happen today.

I compiled with linux-6.0.0-rc4 with your patch on top.

Have been running flawless so far. Boot showed no problems.


- Josef