Re: [PATCH v4 09/26] KVM: Do processor compatibility check on resume

From: Chao Gao
Date: Thu Sep 08 2022 - 22:16:30 EST

On Thu, Sep 08, 2022 at 04:25:25PM -0700, isaku.yamahata@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>From: Isaku Yamahata <isaku.yamahata@xxxxxxxxx>
>So far the processor compatibility check is not done on resume. It should
>be done. The resume is called for resuming from S3/S4. CPUs can be
>replaced or the kernel can resume from S4 on a different machine. So

Are they valid cases handled by other kernel components? Trying to
handle them in KVM only doesn't help as kernel is likely to fail
somewhere else.