Re: [PATCH] libbpf: adjust OPTS_VALID logic, so that it can be used correctly

From: Hao Luo
Date: Wed Sep 14 2022 - 14:16:06 EST

Hi Xin,

On Wed, Sep 14, 2022 at 5:35 AM Xin Liu <liuxin350@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We found that function btf_dump__dump_type_data can be called by the user
> as an api, but in this function, the `opts` parameter may be used as a
> null pointer, because OPTS_VALID can't properly prevent opts used as null
> pointers during verification. Therefore, we fix this problem through this
> modification.
> This modification has no impact on other places where OPTS_VALID has been
> used.

I think this is a bug of btf_dump__dump_type_data(), not OPTS_VALID.
It seems allowing OPTS_VALID to accept NULL is the intended behavior.