[tip:x86/core] BUILD SUCCESS 8c03af3e090e9d57d90f482d344563dd4bae1e66

From: kernel test robot
Date: Thu Sep 15 2022 - 22:28:34 EST

tree/branch: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tip/tip.git x86/core
branch HEAD: 8c03af3e090e9d57d90f482d344563dd4bae1e66 x86,retpoline: Be sure to emit INT3 after JMP *%\reg

elapsed time: 726m

configs tested: 118
configs skipped: 3

The following configs have been built successfully.
More configs may be tested in the coming days.

gcc tested configs:
um x86_64_defconfig
um i386_defconfig
powerpc allnoconfig
mips allyesconfig
powerpc allmodconfig
sh allmodconfig
m68k allyesconfig
m68k allmodconfig
arc allyesconfig
alpha allyesconfig
i386 allyesconfig
i386 defconfig
arc defconfig
s390 allmodconfig
alpha defconfig
s390 defconfig
s390 allyesconfig
x86_64 defconfig
x86_64 allyesconfig
x86_64 rhel-8.3
arm64 allyesconfig
arm defconfig
arm allyesconfig
ia64 allmodconfig
s390 randconfig-r044-20220915
arc randconfig-r043-20220915
riscv randconfig-r042-20220915
csky allnoconfig
alpha allnoconfig
arc allnoconfig
riscv allnoconfig
x86_64 rhel-8.3-kvm
x86_64 rhel-8.3-func
x86_64 rhel-8.3-syz
x86_64 rhel-8.3-kselftests
x86_64 rhel-8.3-kunit
powerpc allyesconfig
riscv defconfig
riscv allmodconfig
riscv allyesconfig
mips decstation_defconfig
sh sh03_defconfig
powerpc wii_defconfig
openrisc virt_defconfig
powerpc ep88xc_defconfig
sparc sparc32_defconfig
powerpc arches_defconfig
sh rsk7203_defconfig
arm vf610m4_defconfig
powerpc cell_defconfig
x86_64 randconfig-a011
x86_64 randconfig-a013
x86_64 randconfig-a015
sparc defconfig
xtensa allyesconfig
csky defconfig
sparc allyesconfig
x86_64 kexec
powerpc warp_defconfig
xtensa alldefconfig
powerpc mgcoge_defconfig
m68k m5307c3_defconfig
arm viper_defconfig
i386 randconfig-c001
arm64 defconfig
ia64 allyesconfig
arm allmodconfig
m68k defconfig
ia64 defconfig
mips allmodconfig
loongarch defconfig
loongarch allnoconfig
riscv nommu_virt_defconfig
riscv rv32_defconfig
riscv nommu_k210_defconfig
i386 debian-10.3-kselftests
i386 debian-10.3
x86_64 randconfig-c001
arm randconfig-c002-20220916
nios2 allyesconfig
nios2 defconfig
parisc defconfig
parisc64 defconfig
parisc allyesconfig
i386 debian-10.3-kvm
i386 debian-10.3-kunit
i386 debian-10.3-func
arm lubbock_defconfig
sh titan_defconfig
ia64 bigsur_defconfig
powerpc pcm030_defconfig
powerpc eiger_defconfig
arm xcep_defconfig
sh se7750_defconfig
arm tegra_defconfig
arm zeus_defconfig

clang tested configs:
i386 randconfig-a002
i386 randconfig-a006
i386 randconfig-a004
hexagon randconfig-r045-20220915
hexagon randconfig-r041-20220915
x86_64 randconfig-a005
x86_64 randconfig-a003
x86_64 randconfig-a001
i386 randconfig-a011
i386 randconfig-a013
i386 randconfig-a015
x86_64 randconfig-a012
x86_64 randconfig-a014
x86_64 randconfig-a016
x86_64 randconfig-k001
powerpc xes_mpc85xx_defconfig
mips ip28_defconfig
powerpc socrates_defconfig
arm mvebu_v5_defconfig
mips sb1250_swarm_defconfig
powerpc gamecube_defconfig
powerpc kmeter1_defconfig

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