Re: [PATCH v2] i2c-pasemi: PASemi I2C controller IRQ enablement

From: Arminder Singh
Date: Sun Oct 02 2022 - 10:07:42 EST


> #define REG_MTXFIFO 0x00
> #define REG_MRXFIFO 0x04
> #define REG_SMSTA 0x14
> +#define REG_IMASK 0x18

> This doesn't seem to be aligned correctly, this file seems to use a tab
> to separate the register name and the offset and you used spaces here.

> @@ -15,7 +16,11 @@ struct pasemi_smbus {
> struct i2c_adapter adapter;
> void __iomem *ioaddr;
> unsigned int clk_div;
> - int hw_rev;
> + int hw_rev;
> + int use_irq;
> + struct completion irq_completion;

> This doesn't seem to be aligned correctly and the hw_rev line
> doesn't have to be changed.

I'm sorry for the alignment issues in the patch, I genuinely didn't notice
them as from the perspective of my primary editor (Visual Studio Code)
the entries were aligned. I just saw them when opening the files in

Does fixing the alignment issues and the commit description justify a v3
of the patch or should the minor fixes go out as a "resend"? Just not sure
in this particular case as the fixes seem to be very minor ones.