Re: [PATCH v3] Documentation/process: Add text to indicate supporters should be mailed

From: Joe Perches
Date: Sun Oct 02 2022 - 11:49:35 EST

On Sun, 2022-10-02 at 09:58 +0200, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
> The easiest to achieve it is to run with --no-git-fallback and CC entire
> output. However it does not mean submitter must run with
> --no-git-fallback. It is only for this generic rule - CC entire output
> of
> If you add such rule "CC entire output of" and do not
> mention no-git-fallback, some folks will think they need to CC all these
> people who made one commit to your file...


git-fallback is _not_ used when there is a listed maintainer for a
specific file.

If there is a use of git-fallback, it's because there is _no_
specified maintainer for a specific file.

--git-fallback => use git when no exact MAINTAINERS pattern (default: 1)

i.e.: It's not "your file" if you don't maintain it.