RE: [CFT][PATCH] proc: Update /proc/net to point at the accessing threads network namespace

From: David Laight
Date: Mon Oct 03 2022 - 05:43:09 EST

> * ability to chroot(2) had always been equivalent to ability to undo
> chroot(2). If you want to prevent getting out of there, you need
> (among other things) to prevent the processes to be confined from
> further chroot(2).

Not always, certainly not historically.
chroot() inside a chroot() just constrained you further.
If fchdir() and openat() have broken that it is a serious

NetBSD certainly has checks to detect (log and fix)
programs that have (or might) escape from chroots.

unshare() seems to create a 'shadow' inode structure
for the chroot's "/" so at least some of the tests
when following ".." fail to detect it.

I also thought containers relied on the same scheme?
(But I'm too old fashioned to have looked into them!)


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