[PATCH v8 0/3] iio: adc: add max11410 adc driver

From: Ibrahim Tilki
Date: Mon Oct 03 2022 - 06:59:38 EST

Hi Krzysztof,

I had accidentally inclueded a different binding file in two previous patch, thus
irq flags slipped my eyes, sorry for that.

Best Regards,

Note: No sign-off tag for David as he was unreachable when the initial patch was sent.

since v8:
- dtbinding: remove quotes around adc.yaml
- dtbinding: use defines for interrupt flags

since v7:
- add asm-generic/unaligned.h header (reported by kernel test robot)
- dtbinding: specify 2 items for interrupt-names
- dtbinding: reorder required block

since v6:
- don't require avdd supply if not needed

since v5:
- allow user to specify both interrupt pins
- keep irq info in max11410_state struct and use irq by name
- get irqs by fwnode_get_irq_byname
- don't allocate trigger when no irq supplied
- fix deadlock condition in write_raw
- minor style fixes
- fix devicetree binding errors reported by dt_binding_check
- convert module license to GPL as suggested by checkpatch

since v4:
- add in_voltage_filter2_notch_{center,en} attrs for sinc4 filter
- add ABI documentation for filter sysfs
- check interrupt-names property for configuring gpio of max11410
- remove hardwaregain property
- add scale_available property for channes using PGA
- separate vref regulator error -ENODEV from other errors
- don't register trigger if no irq specified
- style fixes

since v3:
- prefix defines with MAX11410_
- group vref regulators
- use builtin iio_validate_scan_mask_onehot
- validate iio trigger
- move scan data into state struct
- require vrefn regulator in DT if used by any channel
- don't require irq for triggered buffer
- remove filter sysfs attr and ABI documentation
- add in_voltage_filter[0-1]_notch_{center,en} attrs

since v2:
- remove bit position shifting, use field_prep instead
- reduce the amount of reg writes in max11410_configure_channel
- add error checking in max11410_parse_channels
- remove some unneeded blank lines and minor style fixes
- remove scan data assignment in max11410_trigger_handler

Ibrahim Tilki (3):
iio: adc: add max11410 adc driver
dt-bindings: iio: adc: add adi,max11410.yaml
Documentation: ABI: testing: add max11410 doc

.../ABI/testing/sysfs-bus-iio-adc-max11410 | 13 +
.../bindings/iio/adc/adi,max11410.yaml | 177 +++
drivers/iio/adc/Kconfig | 13 +
drivers/iio/adc/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/iio/adc/max11410.c | 1050 +++++++++++++++++
5 files changed, 1254 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-bus-iio-adc-max11410
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/iio/adc/adi,max11410.yaml
create mode 100644 drivers/iio/adc/max11410.c